Project Summary

PI: Eric Benson (PD, University of Delaware), Jon Moyle (UMD), and Robert Alphin (University of Delaware)

Respiratory diseases continue to be a major concern to poultry producers because losses induced by respiratory diseases have significant local and national economic impact to the industry. Our project team addresses project goal 4 (Educate stakeholders for prevention and control of respiratory diseases). Our efforts will focus on translating research findings into practices that will reach both industry and government stakeholders under real world conditions. We will work closely with producers to adopt and implement effective intervention strategies and evaluate their effect on overall respiratory disease prevalence. Extension activities will be designed to work with individuals and groups, including educational programs developed to help producers better understand new management practices as well as preventative and emergency procedures so that appropriate measures can be taken to reduce disease risk and transmission of disease agents.

In the initial proposal, Year 1 was scheduled as a planning year. In the proposal, we noted that “Although HPAI and END have not been reported in the US in recent years, outbreaks continue to occur around the world and in countries bordering the US.” This situation has changed and we are currently in the midst of the largest highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in US history.

For year 1, the project team has provided educational content on preventative measures and emergency procedures for responding to disease outbreaks. Our project team has been actively involved in planning and emergency response. Biosecurity has been one of the focuses because good biosecurity practices can help to reduce disease spread. Our group have provided web based and in person training on biosecurity and depopulation, provided regional (Delaware and Maryland) and agency (USDA National Veterinary Stockpile) specific training on foam depopulation, and are providing a week long training program for international veterinarians on emergency poultry disease response. The project team is evaluating the development of a biosecurity certification program for growers. To date, the project team has worked with approximately 875 participants.

E.R. Benson.

2015. Equipment Disinfection – A part of On Farm Biosecurity. Sponsor: US Poultry and Egg Association. 167 participants.

E.R. Benson.

2015. Guidelines for Depopulation. Sponsor: US Poultry and Egg Association. 5/6/2015 Webinar, 106 participants.

R.L. Alphin and E.R. Benson.

2015. Guidelines for Depopulation. Co-sponsors: US Poultry and Egg Association and Delaware Department of Agriculture. Webinar. 156 participants.

E.R. Benson and R.L. Alphin, and D.P. Hougentogler.

2015. Foam Depopulation. Co-ssponsors: US Poultry and Egg Association and Delaware Department of Agriculture. . 5/12/2015. Webinar. 144 participants.

J. Moyle and B. Brown.

2015. Poultry Grower’s Disease Control Workshop: Keeping Disease Off of the Poultry Farm. June 11, 2015. Two sessions. University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2122 Richard A. Henson Ctr., Princess Anne, MD, and University of Delaware, 16686 County Seat Hwy., Georgetown, DE. 300 participants combined, 2/3 growers and industry, 1/3 state and federal government.