A Novel, Translational, Multidisciplinary Approach to Control Poultry Respiratory Diseases in the United States

PI: R. Michael Hulet and Eva Wallner-Pendleton; CO-PI: Patricia Dunn, Phillip Clauer, and Gregory Martin

Objective 4:
Conduct a comprehensive and effective educational training program for several audiences and stakeholders on the importance of controlling respiratory diseases including a) veterinarians involved with small animals, mixed animal and food animal practices encountering poultry clientele in the course of their business; b) extension educators; c) small commercial organic and pastured poultry operations; and d) backyard, hobby and exhibition poultry growers.

Yearly Goals:

Goal 1:
Development of a high quality-training manual for distribution to the above stakeholders. This manual will cover basic nutrition, biosecurity, housing and management. National poultry improvement Plan participation, vaccinations against poultry diseases and most common poultry diseases and their prevention with heavy emphasis on respiratory disease control including mycoplasmosis, ILT, Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza, Avian Cholera, E. coli, Bordetella, ORT, and Infectious Bronchitis.

Goal 2:
Develop a full day National Small Flock School workshop (Poultry 101) available to stakeholders to learn about poultry health and diseases. Present this workshop to multiple locations in the US at different venues including regional veterinary meetings, poultry fanciers meetings and shows, and collaborations with Animal Science/Poultry Science Departments with extension colleagues.

Goal 3:
Participate in the meetings of multiple poultry and veterinary organizations as speakers and registered exhibitors for dissemination of important information regarding avian health. High quality multi-paneled posters and brochures will be produced to use at: Poultry Science Association, PASA (Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture), Pennsylvania Farm Show, American Bantam Association, Poultry Fanciers Association, Organic Farmers Research Association, etc. Posters will be distributed to interested poultry clubs, and organizations that cover respiratory disease control, nutrition, vaccination, biosecurity management and housing.

Goal 4:
Disseminate disease information by developing article through popular lay subscription and online journals including Poultry Fancy, Hobby Farming, and Exhibition Poultry.

Goal 5:
Develop a comprehensive website and Facebook page for the dissemination of scientifically accurate information on poultry health and management.

Goal 6:
Develop assessment tools to evaluate impact of educational tools and use of information and training.


Year 1:
Development of educational materials for workshop presentations, brochures and posters; attendance, exhibition, and distribution at local and regional meetings.

Year 2:
Travel to national meetings as presenters/exhibitors; creation of informational website; distribution of comprehensive manuals and brochures.

Year 3:
Presentation of findings at USDA, CAP, and other meetings; and assess impact of training.

These efforts will provide important information and strategies needed to control respiratory syndromes and diseases in back-yard and hobby poultry as well as educate the professionals that service these stakeholders.

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